Greewon Uitrathin Series High Quality LED Down Light 3W/5W/7W/9W/12W

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    Key Features

    Cut a hole ∅70/80/95/100/122mm in the ceiling, straighten the springs and put the light in the hole, release the springs, and the light will be fixed by the springs. According to the input, there are two types 1. Input constant current 350/700mA. 2. Input constant voltage 12Volt DC. (with 350/700mA current regulator on the PCB) 

    . Replacement for traditional recessed lights 
    . Ceiling light 
    . Shopping center 
    . Walkway 
    . Hotel 
    . Restaurant 
    . Entertainment places 
    . Display case 
    . Museum 
    . Household 
    . Entertainment places 

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